Spend the Summers at the Galapagos Islands

Open throughout the year, the Galapagos Islands is a small collection of islands that rests on the eastern side of the Pacific Ocean. The islands belong to Ecuador and are one of the World Heritage Sites. The Galapagos Islands are busiest during the summer season but also draw a healthy number of tourists in the winters as well. While the climate is more preferable between December through May, the summers are busier because animals are more active during this time and the seas are wild and ideal for the more adventurous types of persons.

Sightseeing in the Islands

The islands are few in number and there aren’t a lot of tourist attractions in any of the islands. A vacation to the Galapagos Islands is more about activity than about sightseeing. There are, however, a few tourist destinations that you should visit with your tour guide. We were told about our tour guide from a friend back in North Carolina, Brandon Johnson, who runs Southern Star Roofing.

Galapagos Island is popular for research purposes. The Charles Darwin research foundation operates on a number of islands with the largest center on Puerto Ayora. These research stations are great for anyone who is interested in learning about science, history and the theory of evolution. A number of exhibits are also showcased in these research centers.

Other important tourist attractions include the Tortoise Breeding Center and Pinnacle Rock on the Bartolome Island.

Activities in Galapagos Islands

For anyone who has a passion for thrill and fun, a trip to the Galapagos Island could be a dream come true. One of the most enjoyable tourist activities of the islands is wildlife watching where you can watch penguins, tortoises, sea lions, albatross and other animals up close and personally.

Scuba-diving, snorkeling, surfing and kayaking are other common activities on the islands. Tourists also enjoy hiking over the volcanoes near the Sierra Negra, home to six giant volcanoes.

If you’re planning a vacation to the Galapagos Islands, be prepared to spend a good time in waters of the Pacific Ocean. Even if you’re not a big swimming expert, you can still enjoy the hike around the volcanoes and the wildlife.…

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Enjoy a Laidback Vacation

Bar Harbor is a small village in Down East, Maine. It sits on the Mount Desert Island, a popular tourist attraction and many tourists visiting the island tend to stay or visit Bar Harbor on their trip as well. The village is small enough to be explored by foot or by renting bicycles. Large automobiles are not recommended inside the village territory.

The village can be accessed by car, bus or through the Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport.


Despite of its small size, the village is lit up with a number of tourist attractions and sightseeing destinations. The Abbe Museum is a wonderful recreational experience for adults and children. It also has shops and galleries that are open to the public in the summer season.

Another educational place to visit in Bar Harbor is the Bar Harbor Historical Society. It is open to the public for most months of the year and offers a deep insight into the history of Maine and Bar Harbor.

Other popular tourist attractions include the Village Green, a park which is ideal to relax and connect with the nature. Families often plan picnics in the Village Green as it is the perfect peaceful environment for a family vacation.

The Sieur de Monts Spring Nature Center and the Asticou Azalea Gardens are two other favorite tourist spots.

Things to Do in Bar Harbor

Exploring the village on foot is the basic activity every tourist visiting does. Other popular activities include golfing in the Kebo Valley Golf Course and the Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf. Bar Harbor also watersports and other water-related activities such as whale watching the Bar Harbor Whale Watch Co, paddling and kayaking, boat tours, and sailing with groups like Schooner Margaret Todd and the Acadia Sailing company.

Several trails also exist on the island for hiking owing to its mountainous terrain.

Bar Harbor might be small in terms of its size but it makes an excellent vacation spot to kick back and get a peaceful time away from your daily activities. …

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Things You Need to See and Do in the Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park

One of United States National Parks, the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park is nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. The park is known for its mountainous landscape and thick forests. The Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park is in fact, two separate parks but they are usually considered as one. A single ticket will let you enter both parks.

Named after the Sequoia trees and the Kings River, there is a lot of biological diversity in the park. The marked topographic differences and steep mountains are characteristic of the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. It plays host to a number of archeological sites and historical sites.

Tourist Attractions in the Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park

The Cedar Grove that sits in the Kings Canyon offers spectacular views of the park. It is central tourist attraction of the park and is full of natural beauty – meadows, waterfalls and mountains. The Cedar Grove is closed during the winter season because of the danger of landslides.

To the northwest of the Cedar Grove lies the iconic Grants Grove which is concentrated with an array of Sequoia trees. The Giant Forest located in the Sequoia National Park is lined by lush green forests and include the world’s largest forest, the General Sherman Tree. The Giant Forest Tree Museum is usually the first place tourists visit in the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park.

A three-mile road south from the Giant Forest leads to the Moro Rock which is a granite dome and provides amazing 360-views of the National Park. Adjacent to it is the Crescent meadow that is home to colorful flowers and plantation in the summer season.

About 15 miles from the entrance of the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park is the Crystal Cave. A popular tourist destination, this cave is filled with water-sculpted features. Tickets for the underground tour of the Crystal Cave are sold online so it is important to get the booking in advance.

Hiking is the most popular activity in the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. The park is a perfect destination for anyone who has a passion for rock-climbing and hiking.…

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The world has been in a pandemic for over a year now. And the moment the spread of coronavirus began, the first industry that went down was the travel industry. This is because most people were locked in their homes for a very long time. 

Even to date, the world has not recovered. The world economy is registering huge losses every day. And with the vaccine on rollout now, we expect things to at least start returning to normal.

If you are a player in any travel industry area, you probably know things are not yet looking good. Unfortunately, some sectors might take a while before they could revive come back to normal. 

This article will share with you some of the top affected areas in the travel industry. 

  • Hotel Industry Sector 

The hotel industry is the first area that has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world stays in lockdowns, the hotels remain empty. More people are staying safe in their homes and avoid areas frequented by people. 

At the moment, some hotels are getting visitors. But it’s not like it was before. The occupancy level in these hotels is still very low as compared to when the world was free from the virus. 

And until the lockdowns are lifted completely, the hotel industry will still struggle. Also, the fact that the world economy is struggling it might take some time before travelers could have budgets to travel and stay in hotels for a long time. 

Unfortunately, with the effects of COVID-19, some hotels closed their doors, and they might remain shut for more years to come. Some might never be opened ever again. 

  • Tour Sector 

As the world bleeds with the pain of the virus, the tour sector is slowly dying. International travel specifically is struggling to keep up with the effects of the virus. This people are not traveling across the world like they used to. 

Only local tourism is functioning at the moment. However, the local sector is also struggling to keep the constant flow of local tourism. This is because people don’t really have the budget to be tourists. Others are still afraid of catching the virus when they recklessly travel around. 

  • International Travel Sectors 

International travels have been hit the most after the hotels. When COVID-19 was announced at first, airports turned to park lots for planes. Borders were closed, and there was minimal movement across the world. 

At the moment, the world is not fully opened. Air travel is still affected, and people are not moving from one country to the other like they used to. 

However, with the vaccine being administered worldwide now, there are high chances that the travel industry will be the first sector to revive. This is because people must travel and the world has to go back to normal business. 

Parting Shot

The travel industry has been highly affected by a coronavirus. Some sectors are struggling to stay afloat. And worst of it all, some might take years to recover. 

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