Professional Notary Public Polk County Florida Service

There will likely be a number of occasions when you’ll find yourself in need of a notary public. It’s not unusual for documents to require a notarized signature before they will be accepted. This can be something as simple as a form from your child’s school that gives your permission for them to go on a school sponsored trip or it could be a power of attorney for an aging parent, a property deed, or some other type of legal document. If you have a document that needs to be notarized, one of our friendly notary publics will be happy to help.

We are a professional notary public Polk county Florida service, and we have experience notarizing a wide range of documents. We offer fast, professional service in a friendly environment and we’d be happy to help you get the notary services that you need.

A Florida notary public is an individual who has undergone the necessary background checks as well as training in order to be authorized or commissioned by the state of Florida to provide notary public services. When you come in to have your documents notarized, you’ll be required to show proper identification in order to prove your identify and show that you are the person signing the documents. Make sure that you don’t sign anything before you come into our office. Once we have verified your identity, you will be asked to sign the documents in the presence of our notary public. The document will be stamped with the notary’s seal and they will add their notary number and signature to verify that they are recognized by the government as a legitimate notary public. While this might all seem rather formal, the process is usually quite easy. It is also an important step in making sure that you are protected from fraud. Your documents will be verified to have been signed by you. This adds an added level of security for important documents, especially legal documents that need a higher level of scrutiny and security.

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While many of the documents that we notarize are fairly straightforward and only need to have your signature verified, there are other types of notary services that we can provide. For example, there are times when you might need what is known as a jurat. This type of service requires that the signer swears or affirms that the contents of the document they are signing is true. An oath or affirmation is administered by the notary public and the signer will make a verbal statement that the documents are true. The documents must be signed in the presence of the notary who will then affix their notary stamp and signature to finalize the process.

Copy certification is another important notarial service that we can provide. A copy certification provides confirmation that the copy is a full, complete, and accurate reproduction of the original document. The original document must be given to the notary public who will make a copy and then certify that it is a true copy. The state of Florida restricts copy certification of some documents, such as birth certificates and other vital records.