2014 Gulfstream G450 Private Jet Charter Flight

Luxury 2014 Gulfstream G450 Private Jet Charter Flight service for last minutes empty leg travel to your next destination aircraft plane company near you


0:00 l stream g450 introduced in 2003 is the direct descendant of the iconic
0:17 Gulfstream g4 arguably the most successful large cabin long-range
0:22 corporate jet ever produced the g450 go stream engineers at a lofty goal of Texas Private Jet Charter Flight
0:27 maintaining the near-perfect ninety nine point eight percent dispatch reliability
0:31 of the g4 while building in better range more comfort food maintenance features
0:37 an advanced technology cockpit
0:40 my name is Danny homestead I’m a g450 captain in the New York area
0:44 my satisfaction level with the Gulf Stream products the 450 is extremely high
0:51 they’re the dispatch reliability on this aircraft
0:56 I believe that the Gulf Stream numbers exceeds ninety-eight percent i will tell
1:00 you in the 60 years I’ve been flying the 450 we’ve had one trip failure
1:04 six years g450 goes one step further and exclusive optional interior package
1:11 elite interior this Gulfstream says it’s all in the details
1:15 the g450 fuselages lengthen the foot and the cabin door was relocated from feet
1:21 asked to enhance passenger comfort increase crew efficiency and create
1:25 additional storage throughout the cabin
1:28 the feedback from the passengers on the cabin of the 450 is always extremely high
1:33 the cabin is very versatile with converting it into
1:38 punks sleeping quarters
1:42 the seats articulate in many different directions
1:48 temperatures adjustments the temperature control lighting control the interior
1:54 styling cues are taken directly from the flagship gulfstream g650 is designed to
2:00 be a collaborative and open workspace with additional and ambient and cask LED
2:05 lighting at the console credenza and galley countertops the elite gallery
2:10 features a stainless steel galley appliance stack including a convection
2:13 oven a microwave oven and to coffee makers g450 jet charter flight includes improve rolls-royce
2:19 to a power plants to increase range a lower maximum cabin altitude flight
2:24 level 4 50
2:25 advanced soundproofing high speed satellite communications and a Wi-Fi
2:29 local area network forward passenger chairs have multiple motorized comfort
2:34 features controlled by one touch switching including swivel leg r s
2:39 recline lumbar support flexible headrests and automatic berth in
2:44 configuration heat-seeking deployed 12.1 inch LCD monitor from the chair arm rest
2:51 it’s equipped with a handheld device to wirelessly control cabin lighting
2:55 temperature and the entertainment system
2:59 plainview cockpit comes equipped with EVS synthetic vision
3:03 I head up display triple long-range navs and for big 14-inch primary flight
3:08 displays serial number for 303 is
3:12 Yassa Andy you are validated for international operators as well
3:16 gulfstream aircraft jet charter flight has been able to do a lot of every one
3:18 refinements in the aircraft lot of them in the cockpit
3:22 hey Dex fully automated digital engine controls huge upgrade
3:27 aside from all playing the lute playing the cockpit honey will claim the cockpit
3:32 navigation and communication systems feature the latest equipment
3:35 architecture and as technology advances can be upgraded by software changes
3:39 rather than the installation of new boxes saying future downtime
3:43 installation and maintenance costs features a full factory warranty
3:46 all new aircraft programs and is ready for immediate delivery calls for more
3:51 information or to schedule a showing to see this outstanding Gulfstream g450